Become a claim introducer

Posted on 28 April 2011 by TCLA

As an Independent Loss Assessor we work closely with the insurance broker community, all our work comes via recommendation, mainly from insurance brokers throughout the North West of England and London, as well as from the many previous clients across the UK for whom we have acted in the last fifteen years.

As Tim's background is that of a Quantity Surveyor we are in a unique position in that we do not rely on builders and other trades to provide quotations, which are often disparate and slow to arrive. We usually provide a schedule of works on our first visit, which we price and use as a negotiating tool with the loss adjuster who is instructed by the insurers. Speeding up the claim process for insurer and client alike.

We have an excellent working relationship with all the loss adjusters in our region, which has derived from only claiming for what is actually necessary, whilst making sure we do claim for everything the client is entitled to under the terms of their policy.

We have found that insurers will instruct adjusters immediately on a £100,000 loss, but a £10,000 pipe burst in a kitchen often only commands insurers to issue a claim form to the insured. Often this requires three estimates, which may take weeks to obtain, then eventually an adjuster is appointed anyway.

Besides our excellent claims service we also offer advice regarding rebuilding costs and we do offer a valuation service in this regard - see our article in the Telegraph, where we provided professional opinion to Marks and Spencer Money.

We reward each of our broker partners in different ways to find out more about working with Tim Craig - Independent Loss Assessor contact us today on 01254 879 375.

Domestic and business Insurance Claims

Posted on 28 April 2011 by TCLA

Tim Craig - Independent Loss Assessor is experienced in negotiating domestic and business claims as a result of the following insured perils:

  1. Fire
  2. Flood / Escape of Water
  3. Theft / Malicious Damage
  4. Subsidence
  5. Denial of Access
  6. Business Interruption
  7. Lightning Strike

Business claims in particular have many elements which may have to be considered, such as buildings, stock, plant, machinery, business interruption and increased costs of working, all of which can be left in the hands of Tim Craig - Independent Loss Assessor